Types of Lawyers, Which One Can Best Help You in Your Case?

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“What kind of lawyer do I need?” This is a question that many people ask themselves when they need to obtain specific advice or face any type of judicial process. And is that not all lawyers are equal and putting yourself in the hands of the right one can make the difference between success and failure. Therefore, here we want to talk to you about the different types of lawyers that you can find at your disposal.

What type of lawyer do I need ?: Main types of lawyers

Criminal lawyers

They are the lawyers specialized in Criminal Law. Its work consists of assisting and defending the interests of a subject who has committed or has suffered, supposedly, a crime typified within the Penal Code. His work focuses on the investigation phase and the oral trial phase and can be of two types:
When he defends the injured party: presentation of the complaint or demand and appearance as an accusation.
When defending the offending party: defense of the client in search of his acquittal or of agreements to limit the sentence.
The work of these types of lawyers is usually carried out in the Criminal Courts, in the Provincial Court and, in very specific cases, in the National Court.

Civil lawyers

They are the different types of lawyers that specialize in Civil Law, that is, the one that appears included in our Civil Code. In general terms, his work refers to disputes between the interests of individuals, whether natural or legal persons. His work is carried out in the Courts of First Instance and in the Provincial Court and usually refers to claims for monetary debts, divorces, incapacities, inheritances and a long etcetera.
Now, Civil Law is so broad that, within it, we can find various classes of civil lawyers. These are some examples:

Family attorneys

They are specialized in Family Law, a sub branch within Civil Law. They are those to which you must resort in case you have to face a separation or divorce, as well as any effect derived from these processes. We are talking, for example, about the management of the child visitation regime and its possible breaches, taking provisional measures in this regard, etc.
Real Estate Lawyers: The so-called Real Estate Law is also included in Civil Law. The lawyers specialized in it are in charge of defending the interests of an individual in cases of evictions, application of soil clauses, foreclosures, etc.

Labor lawyers

Among the different types of lawyers in existence, those who specialize in Labor and Social Security Law are called labor lawyers. Specifically, its function is to intervene when conflicts arise between workers and public administrations (generally, the National Social Security Institute, the Public State Employment Service or the General Treasury of Social Security) or between workers and private companies.

On a regular basis, the work of labor lawyers focuses on defending the interests of clients victims of work accidents, ‘mobbing’, substantial modifications in their working conditions, non-payments and claims for wages, etc. His most common areas of work are the Social Courts and the Superior Courts of Justice.

Administrative attorneys

Administrative attorneys, also called administrative or administrative attorneys, are those who intervene in company or private proceedings before one or more bodies of the Public Administration or vice versa. They have the task of making allegations, appeals or replacement and, finally, represent their interested party in legal proceedings within the contentious-administrative channel.

Within this branch we can also find other classes of lawyers. The most notorious case is that of tax attorneys, who are those who specialize in Financial and Tax Law. It is evident that the topics that they usually deal with have a lot to do with Administrative Law.

In fact, the work of tax attorneys usually has to do with rates, taxes and tributes that must be paid to the Public Administration. Furthermore, its advisory role is as or more important than its acting role. This is the reason why many people put themselves in their hands when it comes to knowing how they should carry out their procedures vis-à-vis the Tax Administration and be subject to sanctions. Within the judicial sphere, they focus on processes related to the contentious-administrative route.

Mercantile lawyers

The last type of lawyer we are going to talk about. Obviously, he is specialized in Commercial Law, that is, with the one that is in charge of regulating relations between companies. The work of these professionals is not limited, solely and exclusively, to the judicial sphere, which is carried out in the Commercial Courts or in the Courts of First Instance, but is also essential in the drafting of contracts, in the processes of Merger between companies, in the agreements agreed in the shareholders meetings of the big companies or in the negotiations between different companies.

In addition, they are also responsible for representing companies and workers in the Bankruptcy proceedings and Employment Regulation Files. These were very common in the years of the crisis and continue to have a high impact in today’s world of work.

Conclusions on the different types of lawyers

As you may have seen, Law is a very broad discipline that requires its professionals to specialize in certain branches in order to provide an adequate service to their clients. Therefore, if you have to face a judicial process of any kind or simply need to receive professional and adequate advice on a specific matter, take note of what we have discussed here and put yourself in the hands of a lawyer specialized in issues such as the one that concerns you. Only then will you have the guarantee that your interests will be defended accurately and honestly.

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